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Here are a few announcements. I’ll get more detailed in May when there is a lot of planting going on! Such a fun month. 

But for now, it’s (kinda) brief. What do you expect from a writer?! 


Spring Share starts are ready for pick up after April 24. Email or message me to make arrangements. Plants will be ready to put in the ground, but watch the overnight temps and cover them if it gets too cold. I usually just pile straw mulch over them while they adjust.

They can also stay in their pots for another week while you get the garden ready. Again, watch the temps, and bring them in or cover them if it’s going to be cold (things are looking pretty mild, but this IS the Rocky Mountains in spring). If you can’t plant them right away, be sure they are in the shade and well-watered. The sun will heat them up and fry them. It’s all about being aware of the environment and giving them what they need.


nannie plants’ Annual Plant Sale is Saturday, May 1 from 11-2 at Earthgoods. We have seven vendors with vegetable, flower, and herb starts, houseplants, succulents, shrubs, perennials, and trees. It’s kinda like one-stop shopping. This photo of me and Kristen Davenport was taken by one of the Taos Seed Exchange’s favorite people, Ellen Grable. Between the three of us, we had herbs, shrubs, trees, tomatoes, eggs, vegetables, seeds, and a seed exchange station! The plant sale that year (2019) was at Vagrant Heart, now closed. What a great location! Nothing is static.


One more thing is that seed exchange stations have been put out by Alianza Agri-Cultura de Taos. I turned it over to them as of this season, and the name has been changed to Auntie Nannie’s Seed Exchange, so watch for the signs! New and (way!) improved stations have been placed at the ReStore, Raels’ Market and the public library in Questa, Red Willow Center (tribal members only), the SPOT in Peñasco, ReThreads, Rio Fernando Park, the Talpa Community Center, and the Carson Cafe. Get your seed swappin’ on until we can do a huge seed swap. Hopefully next spring!


Ok, see you in May with more news and info about planting!