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The weather is so bizarre. It was 12º yesterday morning but will be in the mid-70s with lows of 40º over the weekend. Extreme much?! It’s going from unseasonably cold to unseasonably warm. Average temps this time of year are 60º and 30º. Thanks, climate change. Read about how to adapt to climate change in the garden. This is getting to be a hot (no pun intended!) topic for my writing.


 Summer Shares of organic starts of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, greens, herbs, and flowers can be ordered until April 15. Pick-up is in the end of May.

Renee’s Garden Seeds are available at the Taos Market in El Prado next to the Taos Diner. Soon they will be at KOKO, too! It is getting hard to reorder. Stock is low and delivery times long, so this is probably all there will be for the season.

People are asking about Spring Shares because of the warm days coming up. My advice when you’re losing your patience is to watch the calendar, not the temperatures! I never change my planting schedule even though warm sunny days are tempting. I’ve lost plenty of plants out in the garden by planting too soon. A few years ago I swore to never plant anything before the third week of April, and I’ve had a better success rate and way less stress! Spring Shares will be ready in the end of April. I’ll email everyone with details about pick up or delivery. Here are your red butter lettuce seedlings as of March 30 (not even close to ready!).


No seed swap this spring. Gillian and I have talked about maybe doing one in the fall instead.

On May 1 from 11-2, we will be holding the nannie plants’ Annual Plant Sale atEarthgoods on Bertha Street. We have seven vendors offering succulents, house plants, shrubs, perennials, and starts of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.


Adapting to Climate Change in the Garden – Hopefully, this will turn into a book once starts season is over. With every unseasonable cold snap, I’m more determined to git ‘er done.

Chayote: A Plant on the Rise– Chayote is a yummy and healthy vegetable I found a couple of years ago. I experimented with growing it and failed, but it’s still on my menu. Read about my trials here!

Here are your April Garden Chores.

Pray for moisture! It was a warm dry winter, and it doesn’t look like things are going to change much. Get a water collection system in place! Here’s to a luscious growing season with water, few bugs, and big harvests.

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