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CSA Shares

nannie plants offers CSA shares of nursery starts to gardeners in Taos County, northern New Mexico, and southern Colorado. 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Customers pay in advance for products, giving the grower interest-free funds to get the season started. Customers, instead of a bank or credit card, act as lenders, and they are paid back with the product the CSA offers.

CSAs also benefit YOU, the customer, who is guaranteed fresh product delivered in good shape, on time, and with a smile! Customers get to know their grower, what they are purchasing, and how it was grown. CSA is person-to-person and builds community.

Help yourself and a grower, and order a CSA share! Thank you!

All plants are grown from seed right here in El Prado, New Mexico without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or any other chemicals.

Let me know if there is something particular you want or need. I’ve grown flats for farmers, restaurants, and hardcore gardeners who put up a lot of food for winter.

Spring and Summer Shares are set up so you can pick and choose exactly what you want. A complete list of CSA Share offerings is here. At a glance!

I’m also offering a bundle of Renee’s Garden seed packets and Scatter Cans, which are also available at KOKO and Earthgoods. 

Here’s to a lush and productive season with a good monsoon season and not too much heat. Or wind!

Shop for your organic starts here!


Testimonials from happy gardeners:

The best in the west. All my starts were amazing and I’m even collecting seeds. Got some plants that are 3rd generation. This is the only place I will buy plants.
Wil Burlin

Sun gold, Red Cherry, and Early Girl all did superb!
Carol Ranellone

Several years of vigorous, hardy tomato and cucumber starts.
Annette and Richard Rubin

I always get my garden starts from Nan. They are healthier and always do well.
Julie Osmanski

I should have bought starts from you!!!!
Dana Miller

The starts I bought from you last year did great! They all did well, but the dahlias were amazing! I am happy to support you. You have a quality product.
Sue Holcombe

 I’m very pleased you are offering such a great selection!
Chris Korody

Nan’s zinnias and marigolds were spectacular!
Patsy Allen

Shop for your organic starts here!