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Spring CSA Shares deadline for ordering is March 15. Delivery will be around April 29.

Summer CSA Shares deadline for ordering is April 15. Delivery will be around May 26. All orders must be picked up by June 3rd. Thanks for respecting my ‘me time’.

Read some testimonials from happy gardeners:

Healthy starts that have never failed. Only place my husband would go!!! Nan had infinite patience with him.
Karen McCurtain Blair

I had great luck with the tomato starts from Nan, Roma, Sungold, Yellow pear. I had a great harvest of tomatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash (20 from 2 plants), cucumbers, 4 o’clocks, zinnias.
Barbara Dugas

Everything I get from Nan thrives. I am always going to get my starts from her. The plants are sturdy and gorgeous.
Lisa Stern

When I get my starts for tomatoes, basil, kale, and lettuce from Nan Fischer I know those plants will be the hardiest and best-producing plants in the greenhouse.
Cindy Brown

OMG Nan’s tomato starts were strong and vital. They rooted well and provided excellent fruit all through the season. Cherokee purple are my favorite eating tomato of all time. They, the slicers, and paste tomatoes were prolific from beginning to the end of season.
Ron Monsour, Frost Farm