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After a very difficult year weather-wise and personally, I’m looking forward to 2023. For as hard as things were, though, I’m looking back on a surprisingly productive growing season. My freezer is full, I harvested lettuce until mid-October, I planted a lot of trees and shrubs, and 14 holes were occupied in my bee hotel from Taos Air Bee and Bee.

But now it’s time to get on to the next season and all new challenges!


My freezer is full of stir fry, tomatoes, fruit, and elk meat for winter.


Ordering for CSA Shares is open!

Hope for next year begins by lining up plants and seeds early. As always, there is a Spring Share and a Summer Share, with plants ready to go in the ground at the right time. I also offer a bundle of Renee’s Garden seed packets for spring and summer planting, and for the second year, Renee’s Scatter Cans.

One of my favorite builders, David Donaldson, is also taking orders for raised beds and furniture.

For gift giving any time of year, consider a Gift Certificate.

Spring Share

Summer Share

Renee’s Garden seed packets and Scatter Cans

Outdoor furniture & raised beds

Gift Certificates



‘The Book’

Over the past year, I have been compiling 11 years’ worth of my newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, and social media posts to create a book specific to gardening here at home and up and down the Rocky Mountains. ‘The Book’ now has an official title – A Monthly Guide to Growing a Sensational Garden in Northern New Mexico and the Rocky Mountains – and it should be out in the second half of December.

That’s important because the January section is about planning your garden. Planning is essential to success, so spend the winter making maps of your garden beds and lists of plants to start from seed and to buy. Learn the benefits of succession planting and crop rotation and how to fit them into your overall plan. If you want to save seed, you’ll find out how to make room for a seed garden. I’ll also tell you the importance of keeping records of your entire growing season in a garden journal. That and more are in the January section!

So A Monthly Guide to Growing a Sensational Garden in Northern New Mexico and the Rocky Mountains should be in your hands in time for the work you need to start after the new year!

My lovely and talented friend, Christie Bundy, has done the illustrations for ‘The Book’. Hopefully, this one gets you motivated to write things down!



Thanksgiving Weekend Rituals

When friends and family are around for Thanksgiving, it’s a ritual to get a Christmas tree and talk about the holidays. There are a lot of options from cutting your own on BLM land or in the Carson National Forest to buying off a lot and getting a live tree to plant in the spring. Find details here in this piece I wrote this for the Taos News a few years ago.

Cutting, digging or buying a Christmas Tree


Spring Plant Sales

It’s early for the average gardener, but farmers are planning NOW for next year. I have dates set aside for plant sales, pick-up parties, and other events where you can get my book, A Monthly Guide to Growing a Sensational Garden in Northern New Mexico and the Rocky MountainsStay tuned in this newslettermy website, or the nannie plants Facebook page.


The Return of the Seed Swap!

After covid shut us down for a few years, Auntie Nannie’s Seed Exchange will finally be having a seed swap in the spring! Seed exchange stations will be placed around the county again. Watch for details in the new year.


Until next month!

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