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I went down to Nusenda yesterday to take care of some paperwork for nannie plants. Mary asked me how long nannie plants had been in business. I had to count on my fingers (thanks, concussion and aging!), and it turns out

2022 is my TENTH SEASON!

I couldn’t believe it! It’s all because of you wonderful gardeners! Thank you for your business and loyalty all these years. 

The first year, I sold tomatoes in quart yogurt containers. Someone gave me several bags of them every few weeks throughout the spring. Apparently, yogurt was a staple in their house! I had no idea that nine years later, I’d have 3 greenhouses, a large coldframe, and a lot of lovely people in my life. It’s all good.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming growing season. Over the weekend, I was watering some herbs in the starting greenhouse and felt a little nostalgic. I missed the stress, joy, and rewards of playing with soil and seeds. This work is intense for a few months, then it comes to an abrupt end, thankfully! The rest I get between then and now, when planning is in full swing again, gives me space to appreciate all the aspects that make me want to quit every June. You’ve probably heard me say, ‘I can’t do this anymore!’, but that’s not true. I just need that downtime. I love planting. It’s my favorite time of the year. 



Like I said, 2022 is planning is in full swing! The soil is here, seed catalogs are marked up, the planting schedule is done, and orders are coming in. You can place yours here:

CSA Shares and Accessories

I’ve combined the Spring and Summer Seed Shares into one bundle and am now offering Renee’s Garden Seeds Scatter Cans on the website. Sadly, the Taos Market has closed, so I will not be able to sell seeds there. But there are Scatter Cans at KOKO again this year. They make great gifts!

As gift certificates do!

I’ve had to raise some of my prices this year, too. Like everything else, my costs have gone up. I hope the economy sorts itself out next year. 

My winter project is compiling the gardening columns I’ve written over the last 12 years and putting them into a book. Finally! People have been asking me to do this for several years! Each chapter is a list of monthly tasks followed by a couple of relevant articles. I’m hoping to have it ready by the end of January.

Pray for rain or snow and some freezing temperatures! It’s December 2, I’m wearing shorts, and plants are flowering or budding and scaring the sh*t out of us! Water your trees and perennials (that’s my chore for today when this is done!) and do a snow dance for some decent accumulation this winter. Read Cindy Brown’s article on La Niña in the Taos News.


Until next time, this guy wants you to buy a gift certificate!


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